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Accepted Papers: Industrial Track

  • Willis Lang (Microsoft), Karthik Ramachandra (Microsoft Gray Systems Lab), David DeWitt (Microsoft), Shize Xu (Microsoft), Qun Guo (Microsoft), Ajay Kalhan (Microsoft), Peter Carlin (Microsoft)
    "Not for the Timid: On the Impact of Aggressive Over-booking in the Cloud"

  • Martin Sevenich (Oracle Labs), Sungpack Hong (Oracle Labs), Oskar Van Rest (Oracle Labs), Zhe Wu (Oracle), Jayanta Banerjee (Oracle NEDC), Hassan Chafi (Oracle Labs)
    "Using Domain-Specific Languages For Analytic Graph Databases"

  • Khaled Elmeleegy (Turn Inc.), Shaosu Liu (Turn Inc.), Sriharsha Gangam (Turn Inc.), Lawrence Lo (Turn Inc.), Bin Song (Turn Inc.)
    "Kodiak: Leveraging Materialized Views For Very Low-Latency Analytics Over High-Dimensional Web-Scale Data"

  • Aneesh Sharma (Twitter), Jerry Jiang (Twitter), Praveen Bommannavar (Twitter), Brian Larson (Twitter), Jimmy Lin(Univ. of Maryland)
    "GraphJet: Real-Time Content Recommendations at Twitter"

  • Edward Ma (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), Vishrut Gupta(Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), Meichun Hsu (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), Indrajit Roy (Hewlett Packard Labs)
    "dmapply: A functional primitive to express distributed machine learning algorithms in R"

  • Pedro Eugenio Rocha Pedreira (Facebook Inc), Chris Croswhite (Facebook Inc.), Luis Bona (Federal University of Parana (UFPR) - Brazil)
    "Cubrick: Indexing Millions of Records per Second for Interactive Analytics"

  • Alexandru Iosup (Delft University of Technology), Tim Hegeman (Delft University of Technology), Wing Lung Ngai (Delft University of Technology), Stijn Heldens (Delft University of Technology), Arnau Prat-Pérez (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Thomas Manhardt (Oracle Labs), Hassan Chafi (Oracle Labs), Mihai Capotă (Intel Labs), Narayanan Sundaram (Intel Labs), Michael Anderson (Intel Labs), Ilie Gabriel Tanase (IBM Research), Yinglong Xia (Huawei Research America), Lifeng Nai (Georgia Tech), Peter Boncz (CWI Amsterdam)
    "LDBC Graphalytics: A Benchmark for Large-Scale Graph Analysis on Parallel and Distributed Platforms"

  • Hermano Lustosa (LNCC), Fabio Porto (LNCC), Pablo Blanco (LNCC), Patrick Valduriez (INRIA)
    "Database System Support of Simulation Data"

  • Gabriela Jacques da Silva (IBM Research), Fang Zheng (IBM Research), Daniel Debrunner (IBM), Kun-Lung Wu (IBM Research), Victor Dogaru (IBM), Eric Johnson(IBM), Michael Spicer (IBM), Ahmet Erdem Sariyuce (Sandia National Labs)
    "Consistent Regions: Guaranteed Tuple Processing in IBM Streams"

  • Mohammed Al-Kateb (Teradata Labs), Paul Sinclair (Teradata Labs), Grace Au (Teradata Labs), Carrie Ballinger (Teradata Labs)
    "Hybrid Row-Column Partitioning in Teradata"

  • Ricardo Fernandes (HERE Global B.V.), Piotr Zaczkowski (HERE Global B.V.), Bernd Göttler (HERE Global B.V.), Conor Ettinoffe (HERE Global B.V.), Anis Moussa (HERE Global B.V.)
    "TrafficDB: HERE's High Performance Shared-Memory Data Store"

  • Alex Scotti (Bloomberg LP), Mark Hannum (Bloomberg LP), Michael Ponomarenko (Bloomberg LP), Dorin Hogea (Bloomberg LP), Akshat Sikarwar (Bloomberg LP), Mohit Khullar (Boomberg LP), Adi Zaimi (Bloomberg LP), James Leddy (Bloomberg LP), Fabio Angius (Bloomberg LP), Rivers Zhang (Bloomberg LP), Lingzhi Deng (Bloomberg LP)
    "Comdb2 - Bloomberg's Higly Available Relational Database System"

  • V. Srinivasan (Aerospike)
    "Aerospike: Architecture of a Real-Time Operational DBMS"

  • Jack Chen (MemSQL), Samir Jindel(MemSQL), Robert Walzer (MemSQL), Rajkumar Sen (MemSQL), Nika Jimsheleishvilli (MemSQL), Michael Andrews (MemSQL)
    "The MemSQL Query Optimizer: A modern optimizer for real-time analytics in a distributed database"

  • Sarath Lakshman (Couchbase), Sriram Melkote (Couchbase), John Liang (Couchbase), Ravi Mayuram (Couchbase)
    "Nitro: A Fast, Scalable In-Memory Storage Engine for NoSQL Global Secondary Index"

  • Matthias Boehm (IBM Research - Almaden), Michael Dusenberry (IBM Spark Technology Center), Deron Eriksson (IBM Spark Technology Center), Alexandre Evfimievski (IBM Research – Almaden), Faraz Makari Manshadi (IBM Research – Almaden), Niketan Pansare (IBM Research, Almaden), Berthold Reinwald (IBM Research - Almaden), Fred Reiss (IBM Research - Almaden), Prithviraj Sen (IBM Research - Almaden), Arvind Surve (IBM Spark Technology Center), Shirish Tatikonda (IBM Research – Almaden)
    "SystemML: Declarative Machine Learning on Spark"

  • Aurosish Mishra (Oracle America Inc.), Shasank Chavan (Oracle America Inc.), Allison Holloway (Oracle America Inc.), Tirthankar Lahiri (Oracle America Inc.), Zhen Hua Liu (Oracle), Sunil Chakkappen (Oracle America Inc.), Dennis Lui (Oracle America Inc.), Vinita Subramanian (Oracle America Inc.), Ramesh Kumar (Oracle America Inc.), Maria Colgan (Oracle America Inc.), Jesse Kamp (Oracle America Inc.), Niloy Mukherjee (Oracle), Vineet Marwah (Oracle America)
    "Accelerating Analytics with Dynamic In-Memory Expressions"