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Research Track PVLDB Vol.9 and VLDB 2016 Conference

We invite submissions of original research papers to Volume 9 of Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB). Papers accepted within June 15, 2016, will form the Research Track presentations for the VLDB 2016 conference, inclusive of any rollover acceptances from Volume 8 of PVLDB.

PVLDB, established in 2008, is a scholarly journal with a monthly submission process and timely reviews. PVLDB issues are published regularly throughout the year. Your paper will appear in PVLDB soon after acceptance, and possibly in advance of the VLDB conference. All papers accepted in time will both be published in PVLDB Vol. 9 and presented at the VLDB 2016 conference. At least one author of every submitted paper is expected to attend the VLDB conference if the paper is accepted.

PVLDB is the only submission channel for research papers to appear in the VLDB 2016 conference. More information on the submission guidelines and processes for this track may be found below. The submission process of other VLDB 2016 tracks is specific to those tracks and is described in the respective calls for papers.

Topics of Interest

PVLDB welcomes original research papers on a broad range of topics related to all aspects of data management. The themes and topics listed below are intended to serve primarily as indicators of the kinds of data-centric subjects that fall under the PVLDB ambit ‒ they are not an exhaustive list.

  • Distributed Data Platforms, including Cloud Data systems, Key Value stores, Big Data systems
  • Transaction Processing, Query Processing, Indexing and Storage, Meta-data management, Self-Tuning technology
  • Specialized Data Architectures including Data Streams and IOT architectures, Cold Storage, and Hardware-Software Co-design
  • Data Cleaning, Data Analytics, and Data Integration
  • Information Retrieval and Data Mining
  • Applications including Social Networks, Crowdsourcing, and E-commerce systems
  • User and Application Programming Interfaces to Data Platforms, including keyword queries, declarative and imperative languages
  • Benchmarking, Tuning, and Testing

In addition to traditional research submissions, we welcome thought-provoking papers that fall under the following special categories within the research track:

  • Provide definitive evaluations of an established corpus of solutions to industrial-strength problems [Experiments and Analyses]
    A principled empirical evaluation of key data systems and their components, including that of specific database algorithms, is the focus of this category of papers. Such empirical evaluation can highlight key trade-offs in choosing among alternative designs. The expectation is that the evaluation will focus on systems and algorithms of wide interest.

  • Describe novel systems and applications [Innovative Systems and Applications]
    This category of papers describes novel architectures for data systems, and subtle and unexpected lessons learned in their application. The details of design goals (e.g., the class of workload to be supported), systems architecture, new abstractions, and design justifications are expected.

  • Outline futuristic information systems and architectures or anticipate new challenges [Vision].
    Submissions would describe novel projects that are in an early stage but hold out the strong promise of eventual high impact. The focus should be on the key insight behind the project (e.g., a new set of ground rules or a novel technology), as well as explaining how the key insight can be leveraged in building a system. The paper must describe what the success criteria are for the vision project.

The PVLDB Review Board will consider the special nature of such submissions during the evaluation process. Although these special category submissions have the same maximum page limit as research papers, authors are encouraged to be succinct and restrict the length to be appropriate to the message conveyed in the paper.

The full details of the submission process are available at the Submission Guidelines link.

Important Notice

  • For research track papers that belong to a special category (Vision, Innovative Systems and Applications, Experiments and Analyses), authors MUST append the category tag as a SUFFIX to the title of the paper. For example, "Data Management in the Year 3000 [Vision]". This must be done both in the paper file and in the CMT submission title.

  • VLDB is a single-blind conference. Therefore, authors MUST include their names and affiliations on the manuscript cover page.