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Tourist Safety information

New Delhi - the capital of India is a beautiful blend of a historical past and a vibrant present. The city offers a glimpse of India's modern diversity, yet retains the essence of ancient traditional culture too.
The city is a fairly safe place to visit; however, travelers must be aware of certain precautions and exercise caution.

Visiting crowded places

New Delhi is a crowded city and petty thefts are common. However, taking a few precautions can help one to enjoy the vibrant city and culture without worrying about these petty thefts.

  • Advisable to avoid carrying heavy cash in crowded areas
  • Avoid placing wallets in rear pockets
  • Consider carrying cash and valuables in a concealed belt pouch
Relishing the food

Although the city street food is a tempting affair, it is highly recommended to relish food from well- known eateries and cafes.

  • Avoid street food
  • Choose to have cooked food over any kind of raw food
  • Go for a sealed water bottle for drinking
Using public transport

Public transportation is the best means to travel locally. But, with a few tips and tricks, your travel can be safer and enjoyable too!

  • Travel along with a friend, family, or a tour group
  • Avoid traveling alone, especially at night
  • Use the transportation services provided by the organizers or the hotel travel desk
  • Stay cautious while travelling in an auto rickshaw
  • Make sure that the travel route is precise
  • Request the driver to stick to the main roads and not turn down to the alley ways or old small roads
Moving around in the city

While moving around in the city, you may come across locals who can try connecting with you. It is advisable to stay cautious and refrain from striking up conversations with strangers.

  • Avoid being over-friendly with the unknown
  • Avoid responding to any unfamiliar gestures
  • Visit only recommended places with friends and colleagues
Securing your accommodation

Although the accommodation facility takes care of your safety, it is always recommended that you follow certain rules for a safe and sound sleep.

  • Attend the hotel door only to the hotel staff or familiar people
Taking care of attire

New Delhi is a great mix of modern and traditional values. However, it is always a good practice to dress modestly in order to avoid undue attention. Indian attire is comfortable and best suited for the weather. You could also visit the popular bazaars and try out the traditional Indian apparels.

  • Dress modestly - whether in western or traditional attire
  • Choose to wear loose cotton fabrics
  • Ideal to keep a scarf handy